Off to a great start!

We launched our website in September of 2012. We currently have about 800 items online: 419 moving images, 174 audio files, and numerous text documents, photographs, links to other websites, and so on. The website has been accessed by more than 6,000 unique visitors; most of them come from the United States, followed in order by Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, and Germany. One indicator of the value of the site can be found in a simple Google search for square dance history. Of the 95 million suggested items, our site is high on the list, second only to, and this after only four months.

Now we can turn to obtaining additional valuable resources. This month, we begin the progress of contracting for a formal copyright search of useful films we have identified. This must be completed by authorized researchers before institutions such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives will create digital copies for us of materials in their collections.

We have regional styles that are not yet well documented on the SDHP site; for example, we need footage from Cape Breton’s rich dance tradition, from the upper Midwest, and more from Quebec. We also want to strengthen our collection of moving images showing cotillions and quadrilles, those important historical antecedents to today’s squares.If readers know of good sources for any of these subjects, please let us know.