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Doo Dar - Dudley Laufman

The dance is a singing square set to Camptown Races. This audio file begins with an introduction about Lyn Cady, and then additional comments from Dudley Laufman, who was the Farm & Wilderness… View item

Prisoner's Song - Dudley Laufman

Dudley Laufman says he never heard this dance called by anyone other than Lyn Cady, and it was always done to the tune of "If I Had the Wings of an Angel." Dudley Laufman calls a program… View item

The Slow One - Dudley Laufman

Dance as called by Lyn Cady, though Dudley said he's at a loss as to the title since it was always done at the same speed as every other square. He identifies the tune as Solomon Levi, though the… View item