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Northern Junket  and Ralph Page

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Northern Junket, complete set online

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Northern Junket  and Ralph Page


In a labor of love, Ralph Page single-handedly published 165 issues of this journal from 1949 through 1984. The University of New Hampshire's Library of Traditional Music and Dance has digitized and made available a complete set of these magazines, along with biographical information about Page. The library is also the repository for an extensive manuscript collection as well as electronic versions of the syllabi from the annual Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend.

Included here is the citation that accompanied Page being awarded the 1980 CALLERLAB Milestone award, that organization's highest honor. Page was reluctant to accept this award from an organization that represented modern square dance, the form of dance that he had argued vehemently against in his Northern Junket "Take It or Leave It" columns for many years. He did finally agree, following the advice that had been given him: "Show up, stand up, shut up."

The photograph shows the Milestone Award recipients in 1980 in Miami. Left to right: Charlie Baldwin, Don Armstrong, Carolyn Lasry, Jack Lasry, Ralph Page. Also receiving the award that year, posthumously, was Henry Ford's dancing master, Benjamin Lovett.


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Northern Junket, complete set online

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