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ABC's of Square Dancing

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ABC's of Square Dancing


This informal guide to square dancing is aimed at beginners, an easy-to-ready pamphlet that a caller could distribute to dancers in a class. It strikes a friendly tone:

So you wanta' square dance?

There are probably a million different reasons why you got started in on this square dancing thing. Maybe it was just the need of a good activity, perhaps your friends down the street talked you into it, maybe your wife thought you were getting a little too fat, or perhaps your husband thought relaxation would do you good after a hard day with your house chores. At any rate, here you are, in the same boat as several million other Americans all over the country, learning the true American square and round dance.

Just so that you'll have more fun, I want you to have this little book. Read it over when you get home and things are a little quieter than they are here . You'll find a lot of your questions answered, and perhaps get some ideas that may help you enjoy this fun all the more .



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