Square Dance Party handbooks


Square Dance Party handbooks


Modern square dance - general


These handbooks, published by Bob Osgood and Sets in Order, describe how to plan a square dance party. They offer a look at modern square dance culture in the years from the early 1950s through the mid-1960s.

• So You're Going To Give a Square Dance Party was prepared by Osgood in 1950 for Capitol Records.

• The Record Square Dance Party
(1962) is a sixteen page booklet that also contains lots of advertisements.

• A Springboard to Planning Square Dance Party Fun
(1965) is by far the most detailed booklet in this collection. It is an exceptionally detailed guide, covering such topics as Planning a Calendar of Events, Dances with a Theme, Decorations, Gimmicks with a Purpose, After Parties, and Leading Square Dance Party Fun.


Bob Osgood, Sets in Order


Stig Malmo

Temporal Coverage

1950s; 1960s

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