Tiny Clark - three singing squares


Tiny Clark - three singing squares


Northern / Singing; Southern / Appalachian / Four-couple squares


Tiny Clark was one of the callers holding forth at the Village Barn in Greenwich VIllage, New York City. In this 1946 film, he and his band, dubbed the Cactus Cowboys, present three singing squares: Lady Around the Lady, Duck for the Oyster and Dig for the Clam, and Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous. The overall look of the film is hillbilly, with the New York City caller decked out in overalls. This clip only presents the introduction and first time through each of the three dances.

Note: In Lady Around the Lady, Clark calls "Four hands a half, a half right and left." Instead of dancing a right and left through, the dancers circle left halfway, and then back to the right halfway before swinging their partners.


Tiny Clark


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