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Square Dance—A Social Recreation Aid (1937 article)

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Square Dance—A Social Recreation Aid (1937 article)


Article explaining the basics of square dance, the importance of the caller, the structure of a set, appropriate music, two methods for how to swing, and sample dances. Dance directions are given for Swing Andy Gump, "Single File, Indian Style," Cast Off Six, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Lady Round the Lady, Double Grapevine Twist, Two Lone Gent Do See Do, with diagrams for the more unusual figures.

Sample excerpts:

"Those of us who are particularly interested in social recreation are constantly on the lookout for new material with which to work. The square dance, though by no means a new activity, is being revived everywhere.

"Unless a dance is sociable it cannot live long, and unless it can promote the spirit of play it will soon weary its devotees. It is just here that dances requiring eight or more people as the unit for their performance make their appeal. More persons are thrown together, the spirit of grown-up play is irresistible, and there ls a wider scope and a stronger demand for skill. Many people who have danced both "round" and square dances say that there is more fun in one square dance than there is in an evening of round or ballroom dancing."


Recreation, September 1937, pp. 359-363, 393, 394

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September 1937

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