Engine #9 - Bob Livingston


Engine #9 - Bob Livingston


Northern / Singing


Bob Livingston, caller, with the Falltown String Band: Jack Arensmeyer, acoustic guitar and mandolin; Jason Burbank, keyboard, fiddle; Jack Nelson, bass; Champ Dickinson, electric guitar, and Linwood Clark, drums. Recorded in Chesterfield, CT, November 16, 2013.

As the lead couple starts to promenade around the square, the next two couples fall in behind them in sequence; the last couple makes an arch. The lead couple leads around that arch and up the center with the others behind, ending in lines of four facing four. After a strip the willow figure, there's another arch and promenade to get everyone back home again.


Bob Livingston

Date Created

November 16, 2013


Patricia Campbell

Spatial Coverage

USA, Connecticut, Chesterfield

Temporal Coverage

2000 -

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