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Duck for Oysters (clip) - Burns & Wheeler

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Duck for Oysters (clip) - Burns & Wheeler


"Duck for the Oyster, Dig for the Clams" is surely one of the most common traditional square dance figures. There are many examples of this dance on the SDHP website.

Here it's "Duck for Oysters, Dig for Clams." This clip comes from a series of recordings aimed at elementary school age children. The set was arranged and recorded by Joseph V. Burns and Edith S. Wheeler. The liner notes explains that the recordings "are the result of several years' experiments in the field of folk, square and ballroom dancing. They are used in public and private schools, teachers' colleges, playgrounds, recreation centers and community centers in the United States and Canada." The other dances in this volume are: Arkansas Traveler, Spanish Cavalero, The Girl I Left Behind Me, and Camptown Races. Each record contains one side for instructions and one side with the called dance. The calls and music are provided by Walter Finger and His Hired Hands. The clip here includes instructions as well as a little of the actual called dance.



Square Dance, Album C, in the series of "Folk, Square, Ballroom and Creative Rhythm Dances,"

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