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Beseda quadrille

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Beseda quadrille



These are two videos demonstrating the Czech Beseda quadrille from mid-19th century, here performed by a group that rehearsed with noted Czech dance leader Jitka Bonušova. The date of composition for the dance is in dispute, with November 11, 1863, the most commonly accepted.

Another full-length version danced by the polished Dvorana dance group is available on DVD along with a CD of the music and detailed instructions. Visit the Dvorana website for details.

The second video example shown here is the Quadrille Club of London dancing a half version of the dance.

To see an instructional session with noted Czech dance historian František Bonuš teaching the dance to a group of dancers in Berea, Kentucky, click here.

A YouTube search will reveal many other examples performed by Czech dancers in traditional folk costume, but the dance was composed as a social dance for balls in the city, so the costumes in the two videos here are more appropriate.


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