Bill Ohse - Dip and Dive


Bill Ohse - Dip and Dive


Southern / Appalachian / Four-couple squares


"Inside arch, outside under, dip and dive and go like thunder."

Also includes Birdie in the Cage

Recorded May 5, 2012, at the evening dance at Dare To Be Square, Riner, Virginia. Bill Ohse, traditional West Virginia square dance caller, is at the mic. Musicians are Chance McCoy -- fiddle; Bob Browder -- guitar;; Mac Traynham -- banjo; Frances West - first bass player; Andrew Norcross - second bass player.

Other examples of the dip and dive figure can be found on this website.


John-Michael Seng-Wheeler

Date Created

May 5, 2012

Spatial Coverage

USA, West Virginia

Temporal Coverage

2000 -

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