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Squaredance music - Don Ward website

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Squaredance music - Don Ward website

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Don Ward is a longtime square dance caller and record collector. His Podbean website features examples from his collection; in many cases, he has digitized original 78 rpm records and has cleaned up the audio files, removing scratches and pops, to give listeners a very clean sound of some classic recordings. His site also draws from a wide variety of callers and musicians.

Here is a sampling of the audio clips featured:

  • Bud Udick, live 1949 recording, a visiting couple hash, recorded at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs
  • Two Timing Gal, singing square with Jack Story calling to the music of Jack Barbour
  • Music for Don Armstrong's recording of Slaunch to Donegal
  • Music for the Grand Square Quadrille popularized by Bob Osgood
  • Dick Leger's 1957 recording of Marianne, presented twice, once with calls and once with just the music
  • a live recording of Ed GIlmore, including him teaching figures
  • two different recordings of Alabama Jubilee so you can compare the sound
  • Hoedown tunes suitable for Kentucky running set, with Sleepy Marlin on fiddle
Don adds to the site from time to time so it's worth checking back or bookmarking the site. All of these clips can be downloaded, too.


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April 23, 2012 – present


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