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Runnin' the Goat - Newfoundland

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Runnin' the Goat - Newfoundland

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square dance from Harbour Deep, Newfoundland


Harbour Deep was a Newfoundland logging and fishing community that no longer exists; when the cod fishery collapsed, the town disappeared, with the last residents leaving in 2002. This documentary from 1980 shows a four-couple traditional dance from that community. The dance runs some 17 minutes in length, at a fast pace; be prepared to be exhausted just watching it!

The dance is performed by residents of Harbour Deep, Newfoundland. Dancers: Margaret Thomas, Norman Cassell, Emma Cassell, Baxter Ropson, Maude Ropson, Charlie Pittman, Rachel Andrews, and Len Loder. Accordion: Pleman Pollard.

Full credits for the project can be found on the site for the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Information about the town and links to songs and stories can be found on the Worlds of Difference site. That page includes a link to an evocative 15-minute audio portrait, A Map of the Sea, telling the story of what happened to this community.

Another video posted on YouTube in 2008 shows a group of dancers doing a shorter version (10 minutes) of the dance.


Memorial University of Newfoundland. Libraries. Media and Data Centre; MUN Extension Service Cat. 00227
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