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Stan Winchester - C4 Singing Squares

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Stan Winchester - C4 Singing Squares

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Stan Winchester was a MWSD dancer who created a large body of singing squares for the C4 community. These dancers sometimes share a series of recorded audiotapes with prerecorded calls, and Winchester was appreciated for ability to fit the complex choreography of challenge dancing into well-phrased singing calls.

Caller Clark Baker maintains a website celebrating Winchester, and he writes: "While he never called in public, and never considered himself a caller, we hold Stan Winchester in high regard for his very challenging singing squares.  My understanding is that he recorded these in his bathroom on cassettes. 99% of MWSD have never heard of Stan but the C4 dancers and callers who knew him and still dance the recordings of his calls love him and miss him dearly."

The website notes the difficulty in taking the complicated body of calls that comprise Challenge dancing and making it all fit into 64 bars of music. Enthusiasts will find dozens of audio examples compiled after a nationwide search. Here's one sample: Ma (He Wants To Marry Me)



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