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Forward Six and Back (clip) - Harold Luce

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Forward Six and Back (clip) - Harold Luce


This audio clip features the fiddling and calling of Harold "Chuck" Luce, who started playing in the mid-1930s and was still playing in 2012. He has been associated with the Ed Larkin Dancers of north central Vermont, and performed with them at two New York World's Fairs, in 1939 and again in 1964. The group has performed their repertoire of traditional dances-- mostly contras-- at the Tunbridge, VT, World's Fair each year since 1933.

The figure, Forward Six and Back, is often done in New England to this tune, but other locales favor other tunes, including Ragtime Annie. A search here will turn up several video clips of the dance.

Luce is accompanied on piano by his daughter, Donna Weston. Recorded in West Newbury, VT.



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