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Bob Page - 1950s (clip)

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Bob Page - 1950s (clip)


According to Bob Osgood's spoken introduction, this recording is a "re-creation" of patter calling from the early 1950s. It is unclear whether this means an actual 1950s called recording was used or caller Bob Page made a new recording in 1980 using choreography from the 1950s.

The calls would be considered part of CALLERLAB's Basic program, although that system of categories didn't begin until 1974.

This excerpt, for educational purposes, comes from a compilation album (LP 1980-A) released by the Sets in Order American Square Dance Society. The albums featured callers from the Square Dance Hall of Fame.

The tune is the ubiquitous "Rubber Dolly" on Sets in Order record #2116.

Bob Page was from Fremont, California.

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