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Quebec - Baie Saint-Paul, #1

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Quebec - Baie Saint-Paul, #1


Footage from Baie Saint-Paul, in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, taken at the "Centre hospitalier de Charlevoix" on January 5, 1974, by Guy Landry. Dance historian Pierre Chartrand describes this as "a kind of 'Homme voleur' [thief]".

The active gent "steals" each of the other ladies in turn, dancing with her and leaving her next to his own partner in a line of ladies. He then puts the ladies, one by one, back where he found them. The figure is similar to several square dances from the U.S.: one version of "Cheat or Swing" as published by Ralph McNair in Square Dance! (1951) and called by Sandy Bradley on the LP Potluck and Dance Tonite (Alcazar 202, 1979, sample here); "Farmer Gray" as called by Rod LaFarge and published by Richard Kraus in Square Dances of Today (1950); and "Comin' Round the Mountain" as called by Don Durlacher on the LP Hi-Fi Square Dance Party (ABC-Paramount 238, 1958). A dance almost identical to the one shown here appears as "Line 'Em Up" on Foster's Calling Cards, set 2, card 30.



January 5, 1974

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January 5, 1974


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