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Irish set dances - a list of examples

Dublin Core


Irish set dances - a list of examples


Clarebannerman channel on YouTube (once there, enter "set" in the search window)

Clare Set
Newport Set
Corofin Plain Set
Kilfenora Plain Set
Mullagh Half Set (two couples)
Enniscorthy Set Dancers (two couples) 
Around The Floor & Mind The Dresser 
Roscommon Lancers
Roscommon Lancers (another performance)
Caledonian Set (many dancers)
Irish Polka Set-The Doraheen Set 
The Newcastle Set
Cashel Set, 5th and 6th figures
Dudley Laufman: "That Fig 6 of the Cashell Set is similar to what they refer to in Quebec as The Breakdown. Almost identical."

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