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Forward Six and Back - Lester Bradley

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Forward Six and Back - Lester Bradley


Lester Bradley (caller and guitar) with Paul Amey, fiddle, joined by other musicians: Bob Reed, banjo; David Colburn, guitar; George Randall, 12 string guitar, spoons; Mike Hebb, fiddle; Sylvia Miskoe, accordion; Sue Hunt, piano & accordion; John Derby, mandolin; Samantha Amey, bass; Lynn Bradley Clogston, piano

The dance is sung to the tune: "When the Work's All Done This Fall"

Recorded at Wentworth, NH; April 2, 2010

The gent dancing in the #1 position in this clip is Adam Boyce, who himself is a caller and musician. He can be heard calling this same dance on another clip in our collection.


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April 2, 2010


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