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Barnacle Bill (clip) - Cal Golden

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Barnacle Bill (clip) - Cal Golden


Cal Golden was a prominent modern caller; another audio clip on this website shows him at the giant 1950 Santa Monica square dance, being introduced by Lloyd Shaw. He was a caller with deep Arkansas roots who called in all 50 states.

See this entry on Vic and Debbie Ceder's website for more information and a photograph. The Ceders write: "The term "Arky style" was coined by Cal Golden. ... At the time he first used the term "Arky" it was pretty unusual to have part of the square half sashayed and the other half normal. Cal would show the figure and say "that's the way we do it in Arkansas!" Thus, Arky Style was born." He was also well-known for his patter.

The dance Barnacle Bill is simple enough to use at many one-night squares. After the figures heard here, Golden uses these:

Two head chains cross across
Two side gents chain across

Two head ladies chain to the right (4x)

Two head ladies chain to the right
All four ladies chain across the way

First and third, you right and left through
Second and fourth, you do, too.

Music is provided by the Arkanas Mountain Boys on this recording, Old Timer 8067.


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