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Don Armstrong - progressive squares

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Don Armstrong - progressive squares


Don Armstrong calls a tip that moves dancers from one square to another. At the start of the clip, he alerts dances how this will be done and warns them that when they reach the outside of the hall they will need to do a frontier twirl / California twirl to face back in again. Apparently, some of the dancers missed that information, as you hear him repeat those instructions partway into the tip.

A search for "progressive" on this website will bring up other examples of this idea, including examples from the MWSD world and some from caller Bob Isaacs, who is better known to contra dancers.

Recorded live, Kittery, Maine, 1960.



Tape recorded by Tom Potts and donated by his estate to the Square Dance Foundation of New England

Date Created

October, 1960


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Original Format

reel to reel tape, digitized by Jim Mayo



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