American Square Dances of the West and Southwest


American Square Dances of the West and Southwest


Traditional Western (pre-1940); Transitional/Western 1940s


Electronic copy of 1949 book by Lee Owens, with music arranged by Viola Ruth. Excellent resource made available through the Internet Archive. The book can be read online, downloaded as a PDF file, or saved for reading on a Kindle device or other electronic book readers.

The book begins with a lengthy first part, "Off the Dance Floor," which includes information for callers, how to play the tunes, and a detailed description of "the parts, movements and figures." This includes a look at the "Do-si-do (Western version)" and many variations) and the "Dos-a-dos (The Eastern Do-si-do.)" The second section gives a detailed description and call (including introductory call) for some three dozen dances. Numerous illustrations.

A companion volume contains more complex dance figures.


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