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Tin Lizzie Quadrille - Bob Dalsemer

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Tin Lizzie Quadrille - Bob Dalsemer


The dance was written by Jerry Helt and recorded on MacGregor Records #816-A. Jerry writes, “It was inspired by the late Henry Ford who inspired so many of us with his ‘Tin Lizzie’! Please be my guest and do include it in your syllabus for the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. Ralph and I were great friends and had many laughs together.” Complete instructions for the dance will be found in the 2013 Syllabus, which will be online (starting in January 2014) here.

This year's Retrospective session focused on square dances of many styles. The musicians are Notorious (Eden MacAdam Somer, fiddle, and Larry Unger, guitar), playing two Danish jigs.

It is called here by Bob Dalsemer in the "Retrospective" session at the Ralph Page weekend January 19, 2013, Durham, New Hampshire. Bob learned the dance from the calling of Chip Hendrickson at the very first RPDLW in 1988. These are the directions as given in the syllabus from that event:

Four ladies grand chain, chain them back
All promenade around the square
Sides face, grand square
"And the other way back"

Circle left halfway, circle right halfway
All forward and back, repeat
Dosido corner, two-hand turn twice with partner
Promenade partner around the square

Four ladies grand chain, all promenade halfway around
Four ladies grand chain again, all promenade halfway
Sides face, grand square
"And back"

Head ladies chain
Heads promenade halfway
Side ladies chain
Sides promenade halfway

Shake right hands with corner and begin a grand right and left "the wrong way 'round," halfway around the square
Meet corner with an allemande right halfway
Promenade that one to the gent's home place

 Sequence: Intro; figure twice as above; break; figure twice with the sides leading; ending

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January 19, 2013


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