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That's Where My Money Goes

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That's Where My Money Goes


Ted Glabach, Prompter
Robinson's Orchestra
     Paul Robinson, Violin
     John Robinson, Banjo
     Bob Emerson, Piano

Notes from Steve
Green (1978):
The following pieces were recorded from a homemade 78 rpm disc in the posession of Mr. Paul Robinson. Paul played it for me one evening and explained that many years ago, his little band was recruited to play music for the soundtrack to a movie. The film was produced by Flaherty Films , Inc., a local outfit, and was entitled, "Green Mountain Land." Evidently, it was made for the Vermont Development Commission and depicted scenes of life in Vermont. The narrator for the film was Ted Glabach. The group went to Flaherty's home in Dummerston in the spring of 1950 to make the soundtrack and while there, they made this disc. Paul explained that this was not actually part of the soundtrack but was merely something they made for fun.

One side of the disc is labelled "The Square Dance Tune." Ted Glabach has since identified the tune as "That's Where My Money Goes." On the other side are two waltzes.

Ted did tell me once that, when making the movie, he had to change
the dance calls from from the way they usually were, in order to supply
the film with more activity. In other words, so that three couples weren't standing idle while one couple went through the changes. So although this recording doesn't necessarily provlde an accurate example of New England square dance prompting, it is included here for interest's

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