Square Dance History Project
The rich story of North American square dance finally has a home in the digital age.

Cheyenne Mountain revivals

Rocky Mountain Dancers - Lloyd Shaw tribute

The Colorado Rocky Mountain Dancers formed in 1999 to represent Lloyd Shaw's Cheyenne Mountain Dancers in a historical pageant to be presented at the 50th National Square Dance Convention. The pageant was called off, but the dance group continued. This demonstration piece was created to illustrate the Lloyd Shaw style of dancing and choreography of the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, and was recorded at the 2007 CALLERLAB convention.

Pappy's Do-Si-Do – Rocky Mountain Dancers

This video shows the Colorado Rocky Mountain Dancers dancing to a recording of Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw calling. This is the same recording used by the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers in the silent black and white footage. The calls are designed to showcase a series of different figures. This demonstration of historical dances was recorded at the 2007 CALLERLAB convention in Colorado Springs, CO and edited by Cal Campbell.

Royal Square

This demonstration number is for eight couples forming a tandem square, one inside the other. The High Country Squares club hails from Colorado, and is an offshoot of the Colorado Dancers; the High Country group was created specifically to do dances from the repertoire of the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers. The group is directed by Dale Fry, and the caller is Todd Albright. The styling of the group and the choreographic variety shows a Lloyd Shaw influence. 

High Country Squares picked up the Double Square from Colorado Dancers and the Colorado Dancers picked up the formation from the Aggie Haylofters, who were a demonstration team at Colorado State University.

High Country Dancers

An interview with High Country Dancers, including choreographer Kira Heartsong, who was part of the Lloyd Shaw Fellowship that emerged after his death. This footage includes some square dances and aerial moves starting about halfway through.