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Asilomar 1953 - Sets in Order Summer Institute

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Asilomar 1953 - Sets in Order Summer Institute


Note: Several of these files are large and will take longer to load.

The first three files are part of the binder presented to participants at the 6th annual Sets in Order Institute held at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA, in 1953. The staff included Bob Osgood, Joe Lewis, Ralph Maxhimer & Fenton "Jonesy" Jones.

(The last file is the announcement (March, 1951) of the first Sets in Order Summer Institute.)

We have divided the contents of the binder into three sections:

1) Squares: This section contains detailed calls for several dozen patter and singing squares, common break figures and gimmicks used by Jonesy (and his list of suggested singing calls for beginner dances), and notes from staff callers: styling, what it takes to be a successful caller (by Jonesy and by Osgood),  teaching techniques (Maxhimer), and a page of contras.

2) Rounds: Ralph Maxhimer presented most of the rounds, including Diane, Missouri Waltz, San Francisco Strut, Coconut Grove, A Pretty Girl Dressed in Blue, Shanty Town, Side by Side, and Waltz Carousel. The Hula Blue Mixer was presented by George and Marion Waudby, and the Capri Square presented by Madeline and Dan Allen with three other couples.

3) Organizational materials: This includes the group photograph, a list of participants, the daily newsletters alerting participants to upcoming events, and other housekeeping details. We have included this material to convey a sense of the range of activities at the Institute.

An additional 30 pages of the binder—not included here—contained words to songs: "Folk ballads, rounds and singing games tell the story of any country. Our American heritage is rich in its accumulation, and here at Sets in Order's Summer Institute, singing plays a great part."

Background: Following the model established by Lloyd Shaw, several of the leaders who attended his sessions went home and started their own, most notably Al Brundage, Frank Kaltman and Bob Osgood. Brundage began in either 1950 or 1951. There were camps for dancers already in existence (e.g., Pinewoods & Becket)  but these new institutes were directed more at the leaders in the same way Shaw's were.

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June, 1953


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