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Square Dance Revival in Lincoln [Nebraska], 1940–1950

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Square Dance Revival in Lincoln [Nebraska], 1940–1950


This detailed booklet describes the revival of square dancing in Lincoln, Nebraska, and offers resources to encourage further growth. After introductory sections describing the historical background of squares in the area, the authors describe qualities needed to be a square dance caller. They include numerous examples of patter and singing calls, followed by a selection of round dances and mixers, and music for more than 30 tunes. Illustrated with line drawings and photographs. From the Introduction:

"It is not our our intent in assembling this small book, to provide a text book - or even to create a work which shall be long-lasting - but rather we wish to show what has been done in our own community to aid and abet the revival of this activity - so truly American - and so physically and emotionally satisfying to its participants. ..."


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March 15, 1950


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