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12th Street Rag - Jim Mayo - MWSD 2c

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12th Street Rag - Jim Mayo - MWSD 2c


This is a series of videos documenting Jim Mayo's workshop on Modern Western Square Dance, recorded November 19, 2011. This was part of the Dare To Be Square Weekend held at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC, supported in part—including the videography expense—by Country Dance and Song Society.

In this clip, Jim takes figures that have been taught (see 2a) and then danced in a patter square (2b) and uses them in this singing call.

For many of the 70 dancers at the weekend, this event was their first exposure to MWSD.

Jim used a recording from his collection for the music for this series of calls.



November 19, 2011


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