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Al Brundage - dance history

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Al Brundage - dance history


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This recording documents a presentation by Al Brundage about the history of square dancing. The tape label has no information about the date of circumstance of the presentation. Al told Jim Mayo that it probably was a demonstration (possibly for a Rotary group or something similar) put together by Ginger Brown who was the originator of the Contraband demonstration group and one of the founders of the Atlantic Convention in Boston in the mid-1950's. The date of this presentation was probably the early 1960's. Brundage starts with John Playford's English Dancing Master, 1651, and works up through the centuries, talking about longways contra dances, frontier balls, dancing in gold camps, the rise of singing squares, and the development of modern square dance. One particularly enjoyable segment is his discussion of the differences between so-called "Eastern" and "Western" styles. To illustrate this, he calls Texas Star in two different styles. This segment starts around 9:05; viewers can drag the slider to approximately under the dash in the title.

(Technical note: This audio file was compressed considerably in quality to enable it to fit comfortably on this site.)

For another presentation by Al Brundage of his dance history, including more about his experiences at Lloyd Shaw's course, see this transcription posted at the Square Dance Foundation of New England website.


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