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Old-Time Dancing Traditions in Missouri

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Old-Time Dancing Traditions in Missouri

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Old-Time Dancing Traditions in Missouri


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It is nearly impossible to discuss old time fiddling without referring to old time dancing at some point. In Missouri, the development, maintenance, and preservation of traditional fiddling has been dependent upon dancing and vice versa.

Old time fiddlers, dancers, and callers when displaying their talents, will all exhibit the subtleties of style. Since their art is traditional (i.e. learned principally by imitation from sources within their own community) the style will in some way be representative of the region in which they live. In addition, the tunes, dances, and calls will bear the mark of the individual's personal interpretation and perception of the "right way" to perform. Their actions then are to some extent the sum of both community and individual aesthetic.

One aspect of the fiddling and dancing which reflects local tradition or style is repertoire. For a fiddler, the various tunes which he or she can play comprise that individual's repertoire. Likewise, for dancers, it is the dances they can execute which make up their repertoire. The community or regional repertoire is represented by those tunes and dances which are common to all or most of the players and dancers in the area.


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