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Ed Gilmore - Ends Turn In, live recording. 1958

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Ed Gilmore - Ends Turn In, live recording. 1958


In this clip Ed Gilmore uses a shortened version of the original Ends Turn In figure that was published in 1951. At that time the Square Thru call that he uses here to set up the lines did not exist. In this clip he also does a full Alamo Style balance routine allowing four beats for each turn thus allowing each balance to be on the first beat of a phrase. In 1958 that call was popular with callers traveling in New England. Dancers in that region would all hit a stamp balance at the same time if the caller used the musical phrase to allow it. That became impossible after the new call Swing Thru (in 1964), which made each turn a three-step action.

This site contains many other examples of the dance:

This live recording has been edited in an effort to make the caller's voice clearer; thanks to Don Ward for audio assistance.

The tune is Blackberry Quadrille, perhaps best known as the usual tune for the singing square "Northern Lights.")


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