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Ed Gilmore - Q&A, 1962 - part 1

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Ed Gilmore - Q&A, 1962 - part 1


This is a discussion with noted California caller Ed Gilmore, recorded October 21, 1962, at a meeting of the Tri-State Callers Association, an organization of professional MWSD callers from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Gilmore discusses all manner of items connected to square dancing, illustrating his comments with examples of calling to recorded music.

The recording does not always do a good job of picking up the questions from the audience, but Gilmore himself is speaking into a mic and his answers are very clear. The session lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The quality of the original audiotape was significantly compressed to mp3 format to upload to this site, and even so, we present it in four sections.

Ed Gilmore and Les Gotcher represented two very different approaches to square dance calling. Here is a rare audio recording of Gotcher leading a callers' class. For more insight into Gilmore's approach, see his 1949 syllabus for a callers' class.


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October 21, 1962

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