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Marie Armstrong - patter

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Marie Armstrong - patter


Patter tip called by Marie Armstrong, Kittery, Maine, October, 1960. There are some problems with the original tape, resulting in a 5-second gap at 1:48 and a 7-second gap at 2:50. Rather than edit those out, we have left them in place so listeners can fill in the blanks themselves and keep the timing of the original in its entirety. Marie followed this patter call with Mountain Dew, an excerpt of which is on this site.

At 2:43, she says, "We didn't get our lines quite right," and then takes dancers through the same routine a second time.

Tony Mates has identified the tune as "Coming Through the Canebrake (to Shoot the Buffalo)" from Mel Durham, originally from Illinois, later moving to Los Angeles. Don't be confused by the similarity of names;Meliie Dunham was the Maine fiddler brought to national prominence by Henry Ford.



Tape recorded by Tom Potts and donated by his estate to the Square Dance Foundation of New England

Date Created

October, 1960


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Original Format

reel to reel tape, digitized by Jim Mayo



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