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Foot 'n' Fiddle  (Texas)

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Foot 'n' Fiddle  (Texas)


This journal was started in 1946 by Marlys Waller and Anne Pittman, who called it Foot 'n Fiddle. They sold it to Herb Greggerson in 1949, who apparently added the other apostrophe to turn it into Foot 'n' Fiddle. He later passed the magazine on to Bertha Holck as publisher. Holck co-edited with Herb Greggerson starting with vol 4 no 1 (November 1949) issue and began sole editorship with the vol 8 no 9 (November 1954) issue

The first issue shown here was edited by Greggerson; the second, by Holck. We hope to add a copy from the original editors, Waller and Pittman.

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