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Adirondack Square Dancing

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Adirondack Square Dancing


The author describes her experiences traditional square dancing in the Adirondacks from 1918 to 1965, when she began modern squares. This story appeared in the final edition of Ralph Page's Northern Junket magazine.

She describes how, as a 19-year-old school teacher (1933), she boarded with a family who had a dance at their house each Saturday night: "We'd have an early supper so we could let the fires out and take down the stoves in the kitchen and parlor to make room for the dancing. A fiddle and guitar was the music. Because of the great number of men attending, they were given numbers and took turns dancing with the ladies. The "young school marm" just stood in one spot and her partners came to her "spot" to claim the dance! Dances started at 7 o'clock, at midnight a lunch was served, and we dances until 5 or 6 a.m.!"


Northern Junket, vol. 14 #9, pp. 11-14

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July, 1984

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