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Elizabeth Burchenal 3 - big set demo

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Elizabeth Burchenal 3 - big set demo


This appears to be a demonstration of various southern Appalachian big set figures. There are several shots of musicians scattered throughout.

The film starts with the Georgia Rang Tang figure, also known by many other names: right hand turn opposite, left hand turn partner, right hand turn opposite, left hand turn partner, swing opposite, swing partner, move on to the next. You will note that all swings are done with a walking step, not a buzz step.

The second sequence begins at :40 with a big circle left and right, neighbor swing, partner swing and promenade. The figure is lady round the lady and the gent also, lady round the gent and the gent don't go; swing opposite, swing partner, and move on to the next.  At 1:52, after the lead couple moves on to the third neighboring couple, their original first neighbors follow up with the couple on their right.

A new figure starts at 2:17. Following a promenade, the lead couple makes a two hand arch to start a tunnel sequence, with each couple in turn passing under the arch and making an arch when they get through. This moves into a promenade the circle, then a big circle again and a grand right and left.

The next sequence starts at 3:05. After preliminaries, the ladies dance into the center, and join hands while the men circle around the outside. At the end of this fragment, the ladies have raised their hands, presumably for the men to duck under to make a large basket but this is not shown.

Starting at 4:03, there's a sequence of Birdie in the Cage. As the lead couple approaches another couple, the lead lady go into the center of three hands round to left and right, swing opposite, swing partner.

At 5:03, there's a good glimpse of the unknown man leading the activity (white hair, with dark streak down the back). This next figure is like Take a Little Peek, with one couple splitting the other while all dancers move forward and back, then the other couple is in the center for another forward and back.

The next sequence starts at 5:30; after preliminaries, the lead gent leads the other dancers in a grapevine twist (**) in and out through the other dancers in line.

At 6:18, dancers are back in a large circle, followed by a grand right and left, and another tunnel. This time, though, the men and women coming out of the tunnel separate, lead around the outside in opposite directions, and swing up the center when they meet again.

A search for "Grapevine Twist" in this project's digital collection will return references, audio clips, and video clips showing that figure.


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