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Newfoundland Square Dance - Fogo Island

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Newfoundland Square Dance - Fogo Island


Traditional Newfoundland square dancing in the early 1990's. Tunes played on the accordion are: Off She Goes, Mussels in the Corner, and Rode up in a Dory. The dances are performed by many of the locals Fogo Island.

This dance is a double quadrille, two couples on each side of a large square. The four head couples dance with each other, while the sides wait out. At 00:45 in the video, you can see one set of dancers sit down while the others get up for their stint of vigorous dancing. At 04:25, there's a shot of the accordion player.

This clip was taken from "Fogo Island, My Island Home," a 2 hour 35 minute movie published and produced by musician (button accordion) Gerald Freake.

From the same source comes another clip with more button accordion music and men stepdancing, but no square dancing.



"Fogo Island, my Island home"

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