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Vic Ceder - MWSD patter tip with all dance programs

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Vic Ceder - MWSD patter tip with all dance programs


Called by Vic Ceder at the Fall Berkshires C4 Weekend in Lenox, MA on Oct. 22, 2011. A group of volunteer dancers returned from their lunch early to dance a special tip in which each sequence was from a different dance modern square dance program. The 10 sequences are: Mainstream, Plus, A1, A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3B, C4 (easy), C4 (hard), but were called in a random order. (A particular program in this routine ends when the dancers Allemande Left Corner and promenade.)

In Modern Western Square Dancing the dancers learn a vocabulary (69 calls for Mainstream, over 1000 for C4) but do not memorize a dance pattern. Instead the caller puts the calls together in an ever changing order and the dancers respond in real time. While the dancers were familiar with the vocabulary, they had never heard the particular sequences of calls before, and did not know what was going to be called.

Traditional square dancers may enjoy the variety of complexity shown in the different programs; it's not difficult to see when the dancers are faced with the hardest piece of the medley, the harder C4 sequence. (They may also note Ceder's clever insertion of some traditional patter in unexpected places in a very modern routine.)

Dancers familiar with MWSD may enjoy watching with the sound turned off and trying to match each sequence to its corresponding dance program by watching the patterns.

Here is where each sequence starts in the video:
00:20 A1
01:10 Mainstream
01:56 C2
02:40 A2
03:13 C3A
04:16 Plus
04:56 C4 hard
06:34 C3B
07:34 C1
08:25 C4 easier


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October 22, 2011


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