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"Play Me Something Quick and Devilish"

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Play Me Something Quick and Devilish

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"Play Me Something Quick and Devilish"

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Bob Holt - Old-Time Square Dance Fiddler


Bob Holt (1930–2004) was a respected Missouri dance fiddler, a 1999 recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship. He is featured on several videotapes of Ozark style dancing in this website's collection.

This article appeared in the English journal, Musical Traditions, and in The Old-Time Herald.

See also:

• a book of the same title, written by Howard Wright. It is a comprehensive history of Missouri fiddling, and the events which influenced it, from the time of the first Missouri fiddlers to the present.

Now That's a Good tune: Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling, with detailed biographies of the fiddlers represented, many of whom played for old time square dances.


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June 15, 1998


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