Santa Monica Diamond Jubilee - 1950


Santa Monica Diamond Jubilee - 1950


Modern square dance - general


At the time, it was the world's largest square dance event. Santa Monica, California, was celebrating its diamond jubilee, so it planned to celebrate in square dance style. Lloyd Shaw was invited to be the Grand Marshall of the the parade and he acted as MC for the dance on July 13,1950.

Dancing lasted five hours, and some 30,000 people watched as 15,200 people danced in the streets for five hours, from afternoon into the evening. The program was announced ahead of time in Sets in Order magazine, and it's an excellent list of common dances and prominent callers of that era.

The first item here is an articles about the event, followed by a radio interview with Dan Allen, one of the participants, that took place three days after the event. It is followed by the actual program of dances.

One of the featured callers in Santa Monica was Cal Golden; here is a live recording of his tip.


Article: Let's Dance, August 1950, pp. 22-23
Interview: Mildred Buhler radio scripts
Program: Sets in Order


Fred Buhler

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USA, California, Santa Monica

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