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Golden Slippers - Donald "Jake" Jacoby

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Golden Slippers - Donald "Jake" Jacoby



Recorded by Bob Dalsemer, January 5, 1974 at the Maryland Line Fire Hall, Maryland Line, MD.
Caller: Donald "Jake" Jacoby
Band: The Saw Mill Boys

This a standard "divide the ring" figure. It is also a mixer. At the end of each round, everyone does a do-si-do with their partner and swings their corner. The corner swings in this dance were done as a "swing the ring" i.e. each swinging couple dances with a kind of one-step around the ring instead of the usual promenade. Note that the caller designates the four couples as "first lead", "first side", "second lead" and "last side." There is no middle break.


Casette tape recording


January 5, 1974

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