Maryland Line Square Dance, 1974: The Ninepin (Liberty)


Maryland Line Square Dance, 1974: The Ninepin (Liberty)


Recorded by Bob Dalsemer, January 5, 1974 at the Maryland Line Fire Hall, Maryland Line, MD.
Caller: Donald "Jake" Jacoby
Band: The Saw Mill Boys

Each square has an extra woman standing in the center (the Ninepin). When the caller calls "all five ladies to the center" all five women circle left in the center of the square until the caller says "cheat 'em!" at which time they all rush to stand to the right of one of the four gents, leaving one woman in the center as the new Ninepin. Note how the caller designates the gents as "first lead gent" (1), first side gent (2), second lead gent (3) and last side gent. He also refers to lead couples (i.e. head couples) and side couples.

The tune is a traditional fiddle tune: Liberty.


Bob Dalsemer


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