Maryland Line Square Dance, 1974: Wabash Cannonball


Maryland Line Square Dance, 1974: Wabash Cannonball




Recorded by Bob Dalsemer, January 5, 1974 at the Maryland Line Fire Hall, Maryland Line, MD.
Caller: Donald "Jake" Jacoby
Band: The Saw Mill Boys

The figure involves the active couple separating, going halfway around the outside of the square, meeting behind the opposite couple and swinging. As they swing they move between the opposite couple into the middle of the square and ending back at home position. Honor partners, honor "to them all", swing corners and promenade home (or alternately couple dance around the square) to the gents' place. The figure is repeated twice from each gent's position with no middle break.

Note the terminology for numbering the couples: first lead (1), first side (2), second lead (3) and last side (4).

As the caller says on the recording, this was the first square dance of the first dance of the season. Dances at the Maryland Line Fire Hall were held from January through April each year.


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