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Jim Mayo

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Larry Edelman

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Maryland Line Square Dance Sampler - Bob Dalsemer

Bob Dalsemer leads a workshop on "Dances of Maryland Line," a small town in northern Maryland that he visited often in the 1970s. Attentive viewers will note the distinctive style of promenade, a one-step around the square that was typical of Maryland Line dances.

This video is a sampler of the seven dances he taught.

Phil Jamison

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Texas Star - Phil Jamison

Recorded May 5, 2012, at the evening dance at Dare To Be Square, Riner, Virginia. Phil Jamison, Asheville, NC, is the caller. Musicians are Chance McCoy -- fiddle; Bob Browder -- guitar;; Mac Traynham -- banjo; Frances West - first bass player; Andrew Norcross - second bass player. Ardent fans of Texas Star may wish to compare the dancing here with…

Tony Parkes

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