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Couple Dances at a Square Dance in Southwestern Pennsylvania 1985 - 1987

Dance caller, musician, and videographer Larry Edelman writes: "While studying traditional square dance calling and music in the 1980's in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, I found that there were as many, or even more, couples dances played and danced at a typical evening of square dancing than there were squares themselves. This video illustrates…

Two-Step at a Square Dance

In modern square dance programs, squares are often intermingled with round dances. Similarly, traditional dance programs often involve a variety of dances other than squares—waltz, polka, schottische, mixers, novelty dances are a few examples.This clip shows a Two-Step at a southern Missouri dance.

El Paso dancing, 1939

Square Dancing in downtown, El Paso, Texas, recorded during the Sun Carnival of 1939. We don't know for certain, but it's likely that these dancers were coached by El Paso caller Herb Greggerson. Pay special attention to the 1-2-3 footwork.