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Danseurs de l’Ile Jésus - dip and dive

Performance by a group of dancers at an outdoor event organized by Phillippe Bruneau at the Musée canadien des civilisations (Gatineau) in 1989. The first half of the dance is built around a series… View item
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Dip and Dive / Redwing - Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, caller, with the Falltown String Band: Jack Arensmeyer, acoustic guitar and mandolin; Jason Burbank, keyboard, fiddle; Jack Nelson, bass; Champ Dickinson, electric guitar, and Linwood… View item

Red Warrick - Dip and Dive (clip)

The dip and dive figures appear in many variations in the square dance repertoire. One common singing square has the figures set to the tune Redwing, while other callers chant the figures to Little… View item
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Dip and Dive

Other examples of the dip and dive figure can be found on this website. View item
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Dip 'n' Dive Around the Square - Larry Edelman

Recorded in 1990 by Bob Dalsemer at Lovely Lane Church, Baltimore. The caller is Larry Edelman. Musicians are John Herrmann, Dirk Powell, Dave Grant and Greg Hooven. Larry thinks he learned the dance… View item
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Bill Ohse - Dip and Dive

"Inside arch, outside under, dip and dive and go like thunder." Also includes Birdie in the Cage Recorded May 5, 2012, at the evening dance at Dare To Be Square, Riner, Virginia. Bill Ohse,… View item

Redwing - Dip and Dive - Ed Durlacher

Ed Durlacher, caller. The tune is Redwing. Durlacher's vocal style is distinctive. Recorded in 1941, with music by Al MacLeod's Country Dance Band. View item