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Darling Nellie Gray - Ralph Page (clip)

This dance was Ralph Page's signature closing dance for an evening program. Compare it with Happy Hale, whom some think was Page's source for the dance. There are many examples of this classic singing… View item

Darling Nellie Gray - Happy Hale

Happy Hale was a caller from Bernardston, MA, and some have speculated that Ralph Page patterned his style as a singing caller on Hale's technique. Other Happy Hale recordings at the Library of… View item
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Darling Nellie Gray - Adam Boyce

Traditional singing square dance, recorded in West Newbury, VT, on July 24, 2010. The caller and fiddler is Adam Boyce, accompanied by piano player Donna Weston. This dance was Ralph Page's… View item

Darling Nellie Gray (clip) - George Wade

Notice the tempo of this version! View item
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Darling Nellie Gray - Tony Parkes

This clip shows two versions of the dance, the traditional version called by Ralph Page as his usual ending dance and a variation by Maine caller Rod Linnell called "Atomic Nellie Gray." A… View item
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Darling Nellie Gray walkthrough - Tony Parkes

Ralph Page's usual ending dance was Darling Nellie Gray. Here, Tony Parkes teaches that traditional dance as well as a variation by Rod Linnell called "Atomic Nellie Gray"; Tony… View item