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Bruce Johnson interview

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Bruce Johnson interview


This interview with a young Bruce Johnson-- he's 25 at the time-- was conducted by Mildred Buhler as part of her "Calling All Folk Dancers" radio program in 1950-1951. (The illustration is from 20 years later, when he's on the cover of Sets in Order.) Included here is a section near the beginning of the broadcast, which included Johnson calling a version of the Texas Star, and then (at 4:40) from much later in that show, the interview and Johnson calling "Down Yonder."

Johnson describes getting started by calling to a group when he didn't really know what he was doing. He was a folk dancer with Virginia Anderson in Los Angeles, and gradually getting more interested in squares. He discusses his work with Windsor Records, and they talk about a dance he will call that evening in San Mateo, part of his first trip to northern California.


Mildred Buhler audio archives

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1950 or 1951

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reel to reel tape recording of radio broadcast



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