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Shindig in the Barn - Earl Johnston - introductory dance

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Shindig in the Barn - Earl Johnston - introductory dance


This is a video clip taken from a promotional video made by Earl Johnston for the Manchester, CT Square Dance Club. Earl was their club caller and the video was made for public television in 1988.

In this clip Earl is showing how a new couple can be introduced quickly to modern square dancing. The clip also illustrates a choreographic difference between modern and traditional square dancing. Usually in traditional dancing the whole routine is either taught to or called for the dancers and then repeated several times in the same way with different couples involved. In modern square dancing the dancers are taught calls; the caller then uses those calls in different ways that are changed as the dance is called. In this example Earl uses just Dos a Dos with the new couple.

The #4 woman, in the blue dress, is Marion Johnston, Earl's wife.

On this website, Earl Johnston can be heard on this audio clip, and he is the caller for this video taken in 1989.


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