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Lonesome Me - Don Beck

Recorded December 1985 at Bay Path Barn, West Boylston, MA. The caller had been one of the founders of Tech Squares at MIT and was that club's first caller, in 1967. Another clip on YouTube, recorded at the same night, has Beck doing a patter call.

Don Beck - patter

Recorded December 1985 at Bay Path Barn, West Boylston, MA. The caller had been one of the founders of Tech Squares at MIT and was that club's first caller, in 1967. Another clip on YouTube, recorded at the same night, has Beck doing a singing call, Lonesome Me.


Tri-State History Panel, 1988

This presentation by three of the early “Modern” square dance callers in New England is a personal look at the transition from traditional New England square dancing into what is known today as Modern Western Square Dancing (MWSD). The presentation was filmed at a meeting of the Tri-State Callers Association, representing square dance…

Great Chicago Crossfire, gay fly-in, 1989

Television coverage (The 10% Show, a gay-focused channel) of The Great Chicago Crossfire, 1989, a square dance fly-in hosted by the Chi-Town Squares, a gay square dance club. Among the callers shown working with dancers and being interviewed are Lin Jarvis and Saundra Bryant.

Lee Kopman on Phil Donahue

Lee Kopman has created more calls used in contemporary square dance than any other individual, some 350 or more. In 1980, he appeared on the Phil Donahue Show and presented this program of square dancing, joined by dancers from New York, Chicago, Ohio and Wisconsin. Assisted at the mic by caller Dave Taylor, Kopman provides lucid responses to the…

Dance - Scotsville Fire Hall, Cape Breton

Documentation of a dance in Scotsville, a small community in Inverness County, in Cape Breton. You'll need to manually go back to the start of the video; for some reason, when this embeds it'sabout halfway through the video. The second half of the video is from a different venue, and includes music and step dancing.

Cape Breton - Inverness Country Dance Traditions

This is a collection of 59 audio and video files collected in 1986 by Barbara Leblanc and Laura Sedowsky for the Canadian Museum of History to document local music and dance traditions. Files include extensive interviews (in English and in French) as well as footage recorded at dances. For an enthusiastic overview and description of the collection,…

Susan Spalding Appalachian Traditional Dance Video Collection, 1988-2002

This collection consists of video recordings of interviews and community dance activities in eastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia, and east Tennessee recorded at various times, 1988-2002.

The videos were recorded as fieldwork by Susan Elke Spalding; many of them are the source files for the film "Step Back Cindy." The footage includes interviews…

Square Dance - Dolores Heagy, 1986

Portion of a square dance called at Tod Whittemore's contra dance series at the VFW in Cambridge, MA. Tod introduced Dolores Heagy by saying how much he values having contra dancers become familiar with other related styles of dance. She was a caller from Pittsburgh, well known for her fast-paced squares.

Two singing squares - Tod Whittemore, 1986

Tod Whittemore provides the instructions and calls the figures at these two singing squares: Maple Sugar Gal and Smoke on the Water. Music is by Allan Block on fiddle and Peter Barnes on piano. Recorded by Ernie Spence in Francestown, NH, in 1986.

Danseurs de l’Ile Jésus - dip and dive

Performance by a group of dancers at an outdoor event organized by Phillippe Bruneau at the Musée canadien des civilisations (Gatineau) in 1989. The first half of the dance is built around a series of basket swings. Starting at 2:50, we move into a succession of dip and dive figures, with the lead couple dancing the figure with the two couples to…

A Few Square Dance Calls from Bill McAdoo

Editor Larry Edelman writes: "I collected these figures in the mid-1980’s at the Independence Grange Hall Dance in Independence, Washington County in southwestern Pennsylvania. During my visits, Bill McAdoo called the figures. Like most of the other callers who I met in southwestern Pennsylvania Bill called both patter calls and singing calls."

Independence Lancers

The Lancers is a five-part Quadrille that made its way from 19th century ballrooms to 1985 in southwestern Pennsylvania at the Independence Grange Hall, Independence Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Recorded May 11, 1985. The Related Item shows footage from 1983 of that dance in the same location.

Duck and Dive - Bill McAdoo

A section of square dance caller Bill McAdoo calling Duck and Dive on May 11, 1985 at the Independence Grange Hall, Independence Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Similar examples may be tagged "Duck and Dive" or "Dip and Dive."

Fiddlers' Festival dance - Cape Breton

We're not sure where this event took place. The musicians here are Brian MacDonald and Hilda Chiasson.This is one of a large collection of videos posted on Facebook by the Cape Breton Music Media Historical Society. Others from this event…

Square Dances - 1981 - Pam McKeever & Tod Whittemore

This footage was recorded by Kirston Koths, Oak Leaf Studios, on December 31, 1981, going into January 1, 1982. The event was a New Year's Eve dance with callers Tod Whittemore and Pam McKeever, held at Belmont Hill School near Boston.The programs mixes contra dances with these squares:Wagon Wheel (00:00)Take a Little Peek (4:38)Head Two Ladies…

The Roberts - couple dance

Couple dance that was part of the regular program of dances at many New England dances. Here it's being danced by the New England Chestnuts performance group at the berth of the USS Constitution in Boston harbor. Musicians include Walter Lenk, Jack O'Connor, Debby Knight, and Dave Langford.

Pam McKeever and the Flying Squares, 1981

Demonstration of the sort of exhibition dancing created by Lloyd Shaw in the 1930s and popularized by his Cheyenne Mountain Dancers.

The dancers are: Jim Bollman, Karen Atkins, Ernie Spence, Sindee Ernst, Jim Blackwell, Diane Plantamura, Tod Whittemore and Wendy Whittemore.

The musicians are Jacki Spector, banjo; Chris Romaine and Mary Lea,…

Couple Dances at a Square Dance in Southwestern Pennsylvania 1985 - 1987

Dance caller, musician, and videographer Larry Edelman writes: "While studying traditional square dance calling and music in the 1980's in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, I found that there were as many, or even more, couples dances played and danced at a typical evening of square dancing than there were squares themselves. This video illustrates…